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How we will proceed?

Our classes are aimed at people over 10 years old who wish to learn Spanish.

Our general course is divided into five small courses, which we will call “steps”. Each step will be covered in 10 weeks. That is, in fifty weeks of work we will have finished our course (You can have a view of the level 1 program, displayed week by week, by clicking            ).


We will take a gradual tour through the constituent and fundamental elements of our language, paying special attention to functional grammar and vocabulary acquisition. This will allow you (our students) to progressively acquire a command of Spanish and build your confidence in the use of our language.

Before each class, we will send you the material to work on, so you can become familiar with it. Each class will be around 1 hour and 45 minutes long, once a week, and will be focused on a few elements of our language, which will be presented in an agile and dynamic way in our live online classes.


You (students) may intervene when you consider it necessary to give your contribution or to request further clarification of any element. At the end, we will assign a task that will allow you to practice and master the topics seen. You will be able to send the work done two days before the next class to receive reinforcement.

Classes will start on May 13 

We're waiting for you.

The estructure

Our Journey

In each class

You are the protagonist

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