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Classes will start on May 13

     Labatis Spanish School

The place to learn Spanish from scratch, with classes online live (via Zoom)

We offer small group and one-to-one classes

Totally interactive live classes.

For small groups and one-to-one

Courses from $12/hour

Online classes will be recorded for you to review them

Flexible schedule

Cancel any time with a couple of clicks

Two weeks free and $ 96 a month after that (groups)

We are creating a blog and a channel with abundant support material

What are our group classes like?

​We work directly with the fundamentals of the language

  • An intensive journey through grammar

  • Attention to vocabulary acquisition

  • Continued practices on the topics covered

  • You can see the program for the first level

  • For more info go to

Also we offer one-to-one-classes

  • We are offering private classes (one-to-one) for beginners, Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • 50 minutes of class, twice a week

  • At the most convenient time for you

  • The first who chooses the schedule, the first who will have it

  • Two weeks of classes free and $ 220 a month after that.

How does it work?


  1. Choose the time that best suits you (on the schedule section below)

  2. Follow the link (or go to "2 weeks of classes free" page) to sign up for your two weeks of free classes

  3. We'll send you the a link for the video conference room 

  4. Then, follow the instructions to join us

  5. At the end of the trial, sign up for your plan ($96/m groups, $220/m 1 to1)

Schedule for group classes

Table where the groups of available classes are listed, and the positions available in each group. with a link to the page.

Schedule for one-to-one classes

Table showing available positions for one-to-one classes. With direct link to the page "2 weeks of free classes"
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